Program Overview

Females for Finance is an online program for high achieving girls in high school. The program brings together ambitious young women from around the globe and provides them with the knowledge and skills to be financially literate and successful in the finance industry. Our program functions on three foundational pillars - education, mentorship, and networking. We deliver education and support through these three avenues and cover a variety of topics including budgeting, investing, money management, career paths, and more.

Learn more about the three pillars of our program below:

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Participants will engage in a five-week program consisting of biweekly seminars covering a variety of topics relating to financial literacy, investing and empowerment of women in a traditionally male dominated space. Seminars will cover budgeting, credit, investing, banking careers and more.


Participants will be paired with mentors who will provide professional as well as academic advice, and support the girls through the programs. Mentors are undergraduate women at Yale University, studying economics and/or pursuing careers in finance.


We aim to facilitate a lifelong network of like-minded women in the finance industry. Participants will be offered social and networking opportunities first virtually and eventually in-person. Together we will build a supportive female community.