Building a 'Girls Club'

Females For Finance endeavors to create a lifelong network of like-minded, ambitious females working in the finance industry. Beyond the useful career connections, this will also be a supportive female community! It's about time we had an alternative to the “boys only club” which finance is.

Social Events-12.png

Social Events

Form lifelong friendships through biweekly virtual social events.

Coffee Chats, Game Nights, you name it.

Due to COVID-19, these events will be virtual for the time-being. Eventually, we will host in-person regional meetups. 

Thicker Professional Networking-08.png

Professional Network

A professional network at your fingertips

The F^3 LinkedIn group will be a place where participants and alumni alike can post about jobs and other educational or professional opportunities.

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Social Media

Maintain these friendships even after the end of the program

Our generation exists on social media. We will have an official Instagram account, Facebook page, and Facebook group for current F^3 participants, as well as alumni.