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We believe in providing every girl with the necessary foundation to be financially literate and the opportunity to invest and break into the finance industry. 

When we were in high school, we never considered finance as a career path because it seemed to be boring and like a "boys club". Finance has a negative connotation in the minds of most young females and it is an intimidating career to break into. But once we arrived in college, we realized that finance and investment provide so many opportunities. We wished we knew about this earlier, and felt behind in the recruitment process. This is why we want to make sure girls have equal footing in the industry by giving them a foundation as early as high school.

Females are the future of finance.


Bridging the Female to Male Gap:

In Investment

Studies have found that men are much more likely than women to invest their earnings. One study found that women hold 71% of their assets in cash, compared to 60% for men. Over time, this gap in investing behavior coupled with the wealth gap can result in large differences in accumulated wealth between men and women. These discrepancies likely result from societally perpetuated stereotypes of women’s inability to properly manage money and discrepancies in money management and investment learning opportunities between men and women.

Piggy Bank

Why This Matters

Increasing women in the finance industry is a necessity.

Women can revolutionize the finance industry by uplifting other women and minorities and increasing economic opportunities for all.

80% of women-owned businesses with credit needs are either unserved or underserved. So why are their few banks investing in women?

  1. Banks are unable to reach many of the women.

  2. Banks find it difficult to understand women’s priorities and needs since most executive leadership is male.

This is why Females for Finance wants to increase female representation across executive banking positions so that they can make decisions that will allow women more access to capital.

FFF Icons mentorship, education, network
FFF Icons mentorship, education, network

Uplifts People

Improved representation of female leaders will lead to a more rounded view of customers, espcially given that more than half of women now control their household finances and are responsible for household savings and investing. Women can help other women better.

Better Returns

McKinsey’s research has shown that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 21 percent more likely to outperform on profitability and 27 percent more likely to demonstrate superior value creation. Diversity is good for business too.


We also must remember that women are a high-value investment. Evidence shows that women are stronger savers than men, more responsible borrowers and more calculated risk-takers. According to recent research from the Bank of New York Mellon, giving women better access to finance could unlock $330 billion in annual global revenue.