Get Involved

For Current College Students!

MENTOR: Mentors will speak to our participants on topics including future careers, academics, professional development and college decisions. Each mentor will be assigned three mentees to meet with twice or more, individually or as a group, during the course of the program. This is a low time commitment of two 30 minute-sessions over the course of six weeks.

TEACHING FELLOW: TFs will lead one 45-minute discussion section (with 8-12 students) per week over the course of 5 weeks. The discussion section curriculum is already pre-made and is based on the online bi-weekly lecture content. 

BOARD MEMBER: If you have expertise in marketing, outreach, business, web design, curriculum-making etc, we'd love to have you join our central team. All board members serve as TFs and mentors but also contribute to the development of the program and the bigger picture.

CAMPUS LEAD: We are in the process of launching chapters of Females for Finance across universities worldwide. As the campus lead, you will start the Females for Finance club at your university and help recruit more members and plan events for your campus.