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Our Mission

Females for Finance (F^3) aims to bridge the inequalities in the financial industry by empowering high school girls with a foundation in financial literacy, investment, and the necessary skills to build a career in finance and transform the industry from within.

Join us today. Together we can make a difference.


Are you an ambitious high school girl?

Do math/economics/finance interest you?

Do you want to learn how to save, invest, and make an impact?

Do you want to be productive and make the most of this online semester?

Do you believe in revolutionizing financial systems to eradicate poverty and uplift women and other minorities?

If yes, Females For Finance is just for you.


The Problem

Studies show that women are far less likely to invest their assets and occupy less than 15% of all executive finance positions. We aim to combat these inequities by providing young women with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to break into the finance industry and grow their earning potential and career horizons to be on par with their male counterparts.



Women are 20% more likely to hold their assets in cash, rather than invest, compared to men. This leads to wealth disparities in the long run.


While 46% of financial services employees are women, only 15% of executive positions are held by women.  In private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds, the number drops to 6%, 9%, and 11%.


Men disproportionately major in finance in college: only 38% of all finance majors are female. Later exposure to finance results in fewer women pursuing careers in finance.


Our Solution

F^3 Level 1 Online Program (Winter 2021)

The F^3 Program a fully-subsidized online program for girls in high school to develop financial literacy, gain experience with money management and investing, and be introduced to the finance industry and its different career paths. Our 5-week-long after-school program offers high-achieving girls from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to jumpstart their careers through the following pillars: education, mentorship, and networking.

Dates: 2/18 - March, time TBA. 


Winter 2021 Program

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tailored financial seminars

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a robust mentorship program

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a life-long community of ambitious young women


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